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Curriculum Vitae

Tim Zoltie BA (Hons) PgC MIMI
Medical Photographer and Medico-legal Photography Expert

Photographing the human body and the subsequent photographic output can be highly subjective due to various methods and techniques that can be employed to alter the end result. This can be done anytime during the process; from before the taking of the photograph utilising lighting technique and perspective, through to post production and software manipulation. Medical photographers in the UK are trained and qualified in the standardised documentation of anatomy.

Timothy Zoltie is a qualified medical photographer and Head of Medical & Dental Illustration at The University of Leeds. He has extensive experience in accurately photographing and documenting areas of the human body as a result of multiple factors inclusive of personal injury, trauma, occupational injury, medical negligence and surgery. He has specific knowledge on advanced methods of lighting to document contour and deformity, identification of photographic manipulation, and macro photography. He has been instructed by claimant, defendant and as a single joint expert.

Current Appointments

Head of Medical Illustration at the University of Leeds

Director of Clinical Photography UK

Photographer at TZ Photography

BA (Hons)    Photography and Design, 2002

​                      University of Central Lancashire

PgC              Clinical Photography, 2007

​                      Staffordshire University

M.I.M.I          Member of the Institute of Medical Illustrators, 2006

​                      Institute of Medical Illustrators

Specific Medico-legal Photography Expertise
  • Complex and Severe Injury​ Photography

  • Clinical Negligence Photography

  • Macro Photography​

  • Emergency Trauma​

  • Operating Theatre Photography​

  • All forms of personal injury

  • Scarring Photography


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